Handcrafted in 100% 316L 14K gold stainless steel

Quartz stone

••• Sold as pair•••


••• Sold as pair•••

Handcrafted in 100% 316L stainless steel 14K gold.This reduces tarnishing by up to 10 times compared to non-plated.
.They are ideal to carry both alone and combined with other small and large earrings.Perfect for a Gift!



• 100% 316L stainless steel 14K gold

• Quartz stone

• Gloss finish

• Latch back

• Nickel free



15mm – hoop diameter
21mm – hoop diameter (including stones)
3mm – pearl
(larger hoop size available on request)

1.7g per earring – light and comfortable to wear


All our jewelry comes in a nice packaging. Ready for gift.



Gold pieces are, by default, more delicate and can lose their gold colour over time. The bath may fade for various reasons: chemicals used for skin care, the level of perspiration or the natural pH of the skin. We recommend not to wear them under water and to avoid perfumes and creams touching the jewellery directly.

Clean gold or silver jewellery by gently rubbing the cloth, without applying any chemicals, to maintain the plating and shine of the jewellery and to remove dirt. Do not use on pearls or other delicate semi-precious stones



1 Turmaline, 2 Lapis Lazuli, 3 Garnet, PEARL, 4 Quartz, 5 Amazonite, 6 Agate, 7 Turmaline, 8 Malachite, 9 Howlite, 10 Crystal, 11 Obsidian, 12 Amethyst, 13 Amber, 14 New jade


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